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1.What is the minimum age?

75km 18 years (on invitation only)
60 km 17 years
50 km 15 years
42 km 15 years
30 km 12 years
15 km u/10 years must ride with an ADULT

2 How do I enter?
Online entries opened in May and closed on Wednesday, 19 July 2017.

3 Who can enter?
Anybody can enter who is over the minimum age of the event category, can ride a bicycle and is moderately fit can participate. If you are unsure of your fitness levels or medical status, please visit your doctor first.

4 What are the entry fees?

Distance Amarider & Tag Holder members: Pre-entry Fee (ONLY) Other Pre-entries Fee Age Limit
15 km R 100 R 130 Under 10 accompanied by an adult
30 km R 170 R 200 Ages 12 and up
42 km R 250 R 280 Ages 15 and up
50 km R 250 R 280 Ages 15 and up
60 km R 320 R 350 Ages 17 and up
75 km R 370 R 400 Ages 18 and up (on invitation only)

Please note that ALL entries included 14% VAT

* Amarider & Tag Holder members: Pre-entry Fee (ONLY) – Applies to entrants who has a permanent Amarider Trail Tag OR purchases one upon entering. Permanent Amarider Trail Tag is included in yearly Amarider membership fee.

* Other Pre-entry fee – Amarider Temporary Trail Tag included in entry fee

5 How do I qualify to race in the 75km invitation race?

If you did not receive an invitation via email, you can send your recent mountain bike results to admin@dirtopia.co.za and motivate why you think you can make the cut-off time and complete this technical marathon.
You need to reach the split at waterpoint 4 (Delheim) by 10h50 or you will be sent home with the 60km riders.

6 Can I ride with somebody else’s race number?
No. Any participant found to be riding with somebody else’s race number may face disqualification and/or a 1-year ban.

The reason for the strict enforcement of the rules is because your personal and medical details are linked to your race number in case of an emergency.

7 What if I enter but cannot take part?

If you cannot take part, a substitution can be arranged at registration and you will need to find someone to take your entry. Please note: Your entry cannot be transferred to another event date.

Please see substitution details below.

Substitution must be done before entries close:
1. Send us an email before entries close along with a consent letter.
2. Complete an entry form
3. Pay R50.00 admin fee

Remember: The substitute will be taking over your race number and therefore no change in distance or start group will be allowed!

Please note: The original entrant will NOT be refunded his/her entry fee. You may ask the substitute rider to refund your entry fee, but you may not ask for more than you had originally paid. Contraventions may result in the disqualification of both parties.
Thereafter substitutions will ONLY be accepted at registration, however NO SUBSTITUTIONS will be allowed on event day (Sunday, 30 July).

Substitution at event registration (before raceday – NOT allowed on Sunday morning!):
1. Collect the original participants race number and race pack (with consent letter)
2. Complete an entry form
3. Pay R50.00 at the “changes to entries” area
Please email admin@dirtopia.co.za for further information.

8 How can I downgrade or upgrade to another distance that I’ve entered for?

Send an request to admin@dirtopia.co.za by Monday, 19 July – an admin fee will apply

Thereafter changes will ONLY be accepted at registration, however NO CHANGES will be allowed on event day (Sunday, 30 July).

Changes at event registration (before raceday – NOT allowed on Sunday morning!):
1. Collect the original race number and race pack
2. Pay R50.00 for upgrade or R20 for downgrade at the “changes to entries” area

Please note that there are NO changes to LATE entries i.e. you cannot enter for the 30km/15km and upgrade to the 42km.

9 How do I collect my merchandise that I ordered if I am no longer able to go to the Registration?

You can ask someone else that is attending to collect your T-Shirt on your behalf, on condition you have their written permission and everyone must sign for the merchandise.

10 I would like to ride together with family members and friends. How do I do this?
You can do a request before the 16th of July which is strongly advisable. Once you have been notified of your race number and seeding by the 28th of July 2016 you will be given the opportunity to change your race category at registration (before the event, not on Saturday!). You can only lower your seeding/starting group.

1. Collect your original race number and race pack
2. Pay R50.00 at the change of category area
3. Receive your new race number

9 What do I wear & is it safe to leave valuables in my vehicle?
Helmets – Helmets are compulsory. We recommend polystyrene helmets complying with ANSI Z90/4 or SNELL standards.

Clothing – Cycling shoes, shorts and jerseys are also recommended for your safety and convenience but you can wear what you like.

We kindly recommend not to leave valuables in your vehicle

10 How can I confirm the status of my entry?
If you entered online, we will send you a confirmation of payment within a week after the entry and payment has been recieved. Alternatively you can contact the event organisers at admin@dirtopia.co.za

11 How is my seeding calculated and who is seeded?

The 15km, 30 km, 42km, 50km & 60km riders results from the following Dirtopia events will be taken in consideration: Die Burger MTB Challenge 2016, Staalwater 2016, Spur MTB Classic 2016 & Amarider 100 Miler 2017. Riders can also send a request mail to admin@dirtopia.co.zaa BEFORE 19 JULY with other recent race results to prove that they are capable & strong riders. One start group for the 75km riders.

The non CSA distances and groups will be seeded by SA Seeding. CSA grouping will be for distances 30km, 42km, 60km and 75km. See no 22

12 When will I be assigned my race number and be notified of my seeding/start time?

Your race number and seeding will be sent via SMS to you by 27 July 2017. This will be sent to you by email or sms.

13 Where do I collect my Race number, Amarider Trail Tag and the merchandise that I have ordered?

You will collect it at registration – please see venues & dates below

REGISTRATION (Collection of race numbers)


Thursday, 27 July (Dirtopia Trail Centre, R44, Stellenbosch):

Dirtopia Café on Delvera will be open until 18h30 for registration on Thursday, 27 July


  • Sticky wings with chips or salad  & a beer R80
  • Trail Burger & Beer R90
  • Boerewors & chips R40

Friday, 28 July (Sports Science Institute Conference Centre, Newlands):
12h00 – 18h30

Saturday, 29 July (van der Stel Sportgrounds, Stellenbosch):
09h00 – 13h00

Please note your race number will be sent to you by 27 July 2017. This will be sent to you by email or sms.

***Please note that the event start will be from Eikestad Primary school and finish at van der Stel Sportgrounds

To view start and finish/ parking map – CLICK HERE

14 How do I collect my race number if I do not receive my confirmation email or sms?

You need to make sure you have paid and that you email and cellphone number is correct when you enter. Check with the Dirtopia office that you are on the registration list and give you proof of payment and date of entry.

15 How will I be timed?

You must wear an Amarider Tag for this event. If you have one (from previous events or you are an Amarider member) you get a discount.  You can also buy a permanent one at R100 upon entering or join Amarider (included in membership of R225) if you would like to keep it to use at future events and trail riding. Remember no tag = no time. Wear tags on right wrist.  There are check points on the long routes.

If you do not have one, a temporary tag (will be taken off at finish line) is included in your entryfee and will be given to you at registration with your racenumber.

The most important thing to remember is to wear your Tag on race day! It is much more than a timing tag; it is also a vital tool that gives us access to your personal and medical details in case of an emergency.

16 What are the starting times?


75km A 08:00
60km B 08:40
60km C 08:50
60km D 09:00
60km E 09:05
50km F 08:10
50km G 08:20
50km H 08:30
42km J 09:40
42km K 09:50
42km L 10:00
30km N 10:05
30km P 10:15
30km R 10:25
30km S 10:35
15km T 09:15
15km U 09:25
15km V 09:25

17 How long do I have to finish Stellenbosch MTB Challenge?

Check the cut-off times for the long distances on the website.

18 What happens to me if I am in an accident?

If you are in an accident on the route, you will have to tell the next marshal on route or a passing rider to call for help. There will be an emergency number on your racenumber. If you are able to, you can continue to the finish line or you can wait to be collected by a sweep vehicle. If you are more seriously injures you will be transported to the nearest hospital and your details will be logged with the organizers. It is therefore very important to ensure that your medical emergency contact details are correctly updated and that you ride with your own race number.

19 If I am in an accident and have to go to hospital in an ambulance, what happens to my bicycle?

The medic that attends to you will radio the Operations Centre who will send a route vehicle to collect your bicycle. Your bicycle will be put on one of our Group 1 sponsored Nissan sweep vehicles which travels along behind the last of the cyclists. Your bicycle will then be taken to the finish and given to the VOC. You can collect your bicycle from the VOC or contact Dirtopia Trail Centre after the event.

20 How do I become a support rider at Stellenbosch MTB Challenge?

We are currently looking for Amarider members to assist their fellow riders on the routes with mechanicals (punctures, chains etc.) and inform the route director, Meurant Botha of any other emergencies. You will need to spread yourselves amongst the riders to be able to assist wherever necessary throughout the field, especially at the back.You will receive a free entry for your assistance and will not be riding for a time/points. For further information please contact info@amarider.co.za

21 Where can I find photos taken of me during Stellenbosch MTB Challenge?

Go to www.jetlineactionphoto.com. They also have photos from 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016

22 How does the CSA sanctioning work?

This is a CSA Sanctioned event and CSA membership is required in order to start in the first starting group per distance. If you do not have CSA membership and would like to start in the first group please contact CSA and get your membership before entering. Please note all CSA and UCI rules apply. Read here!

Our entry system automatically sync with CSA and retrieves membership number and validity.

The non CSA distances and groups will be seeded by SA Seeding


Tel: 021 884 4752
Email: admin@dirtopia.co.za